SUE Solutions | Emigration Canyon Transportation Study, Salt Lake County
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Emigration Canyon Transportation Study, Salt Lake County

About This Project

SUE Solutions contracted with a local design consultant to perform utility investigations for the Emigration Canyon Transportation Study project for Salt Lake County. SUE Solutions provided SUE Quality Level D (utility mapping research) for this 13 mile long corridor, and provided the CAD (mapping) activities of all known underground and overhead utilities as accounted for within the mapping obtained from the utility owners. The utility information is to be used to provide options to the design consultant and Salt Lake County in designing and providing a safer travel way for the increasing numbers of motorists and bicyclists. Upon completion, nearly 500,000 feet of utilities, both underground and overhead, were mapped and accounted for. Utilities researched and mapped included culinary water, natural gas, petroleum, telephone, fiber optics, electric, sewer, and storm drain.