SUE Solutions | Hill Air Force Base Water System Survey, Assessment and Mapping
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Hill Air Force Base Water System Survey, Assessment and Mapping

About This Project

SUE Solutions was selected by American Water to provide comprehensive water system locating, assessment and GIS mapping for this military installation encompassing more than 9 square miles of diverse terrain near Ogden, Utah. The SUE Solutions team successfully completed the water system utility investigations that included the differentiation of domestic water supply facilities from irrigation and fire suppression systems. Our field data collection processes were closely integrated with American Water staffing that ensured appropriate security clearances and notifications prior to actual field work. We provided GPR, Vacuum Excavation and GPS Survey data collection on a myriad of infrastructure features. The following system elements were obtained in a four month data collection process:

  • More than 455,000 feet of system piping was located and mapped
  • 1328 Valves, 418 PIV’s, 560 Fire Hydrants, 25 PRV’s

All elements were mapped in a GIS system that fully incorporated American Water’s data architecture. The project was completed on schedule to allow American Water to provide review and input on the mapping products.