SUE Solutions | Video Pipe Inspection
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Video Pipe Inspection

Video Pipe Inspection

SUE Solutions provides comprehensive inspection of storm drain and sewer pipes utilizing the latest in underground video technology. We combine our extensive utility engineering background with video inspection to more comprehensively evaluate pipe condition and system needs than provided by standard video inspection firms. Because the many of the sewer and storm drain systems were first installed in the 1960’s and 1970’s utilizing metal and steel reinforced piping, a vast majority of these systems are now experiencing corrosion, physical intrusion and failures. SUE Solutions applies a systematic program to use 360 degree digital video to inspect these systems for structural defects, operational defects and construction modifications. We produce comprehensive and customized reports that document all pipe condition including degradation, corrosion, cracks, fractures, and functional deficiencies. Then using our more than 20 years of professional engineering experience involving utility installations, we provide an understandable grading that takes into account owner risk which is based upon the following scale:

  • Grade 1: Functional Condition
  • Grade 2: Minimal risk/need for improvement
  • Grade 3: Some risk but collapse is not likely in the near future
  • Grade 4: Collapse or extensive risk can be expected
  • Grade 5: Collapse or major risk appears imminent

Ultimately, this service has proven highly successful in not only evaluating pipe condition but assessing maintenance efficiency, finding unknown facilities and assessing the life cycle costs for storm drain and sewer systems.