Project Details

Blue Lakes Blvd; Poleline Road to Perrine Bridge, Twin Falls, Idaho


About This Project

SUE Solutions, Inc. staff members provided ITD District 4, utility engineering design services for the reconstruction of US-93 (Blue Lakes Blvd.) between Poleline Road and the Perrine Bridge, as well as traffic signal improvements and modifications at the intersection of US-93 (Blue Lakes Blvd.) and Bridgeview Blvd. in Twin Falls City, Idaho. A critical service which was instrumental in the success of this project was SUE Solutions utility coordination services. SUE Solutions established early and continuous coordination with DIG Line (local One-Call) and nine (9) separate utility owners, allowing for an efficient process to complete the project. SUE Solutions performed Quality Level ‘A’ locating (potholing) at twenty-four (24) locations throughout the project corridor and documented the findings on customized field Test Hole Data Sheets. This data was then used to aid in the production of comprehensive utility mapping which was directly integrated into the project’s design plans. Though Quality Level ‘B’ designating was not part of the initial Scope of Work, SUE Solutions took the initiative and performed Quality Level ‘B’ task related services due to the inaccurate and missing utility markings placed by the local One-Call entities. SUE Solutions investigated the utilities further through the use of their electromagnetic designating equipment, to ensure that the proposed pothole locations were accurate in correlation to the horizontal utility location, thus making sure that the project was completed on time and within budget.