Utility Coordination

Utility Coordination / Facilitation

Utility Coordination/Facilitation: SUE Solutions has extensive experience in the utility industry. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff maintains productive and ongoing relationships with the various utility agencies, local municipalities, and DOT agencies. Each utility coordination project begins with an initial investigation. Once the initial base plans are produced, detailed coordination begins, including negotiating with all entities involved in the project. After completion, SUE Solutions follows up with post-design utility coordination. Some of SUE Solutions coordination services are as follows:

  • Recommendation of SUE Quality Levels for Project
  • Obtaining Utility As-Builts
  • Notification of Affected Utilities
  • One-On-One and Group Utility Meetings
  • Page-by-Page Plan Review at Meetings
  • Review of Utility, Relocation Plans and Estimates
  • Departments, as needed
  • Final Utility Post-Design Follow-Up
  • Project Scheduling Review
  • Quality Control Review
  • Conduct Field Reviews
  • Write/Process/Review Agreements and Contract Special Provisions
  • Meetings with Railroad Companies
  • Assistance to Client with Project Paperwork
  • Meetings with ROW and Construction

The benefit of allowing SUE Solutions to provide these services to you is that it frees you and your team members of the tedious and complex process of dealing with the Utility Owner(s). You are able to direct and focus your attention to more detailed project related issues while we navigate through the utility world for you.

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