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In 2016, SUE Solutions contracted with Brigham Young University and Meridian Engineering to provide Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) investigations for the Central Utility Plant; Phase I Main Valve Replacement, located on the BYU campus, in Provo, Utah. The SUE Solution’s Scope of Work included SUE Quality Level A (test holes). SUE Solutions worked closely with BYU engineering and utility locating personnel to ensure the success in locating the utilities desired by BYU. SUE Solutions successfully managed the challenging topography present during the SUE Quality Level A process pertaining to severe existing slopes and tight access to utilities. Upon completion of the SUE activities, SUE Solutions successfully completed nine (9) test holes, gathering critical data such as depth, size, material, and existing ground conditions. Utilities located included water, natural gas, power, and fiber optics. In addition to the test hole activities, with the assistance of BYU personnel, SUE Solutions also accessed existing fiber and electrical vaults gathering information such as cable and conduit depths, quantities, and sizes. SUE Solutions completed the SUE activities ahead of schedule and within budget. The final deliverable to the design consultant consisted of test hole data sheets and photographs.