Project Details

Crossroads Blvd; Lehi Main Street, Lehi City and Saratoga Springs City


About This Project

SUE Solution’s was contracted to perform SUE investigations for this local government project along Main Street in Lehi and Saratoga Springs City, Utah. The project is for the design of widening and intersection improvements along Main Street between 400 East in Saratoga Springs, and 2300 West in Lehi City. SUE Solutions scope of work was for SUE Quality Level A test hole activities. During the test hole activities, the response of local blue stake entities was meeting the requirements of the project. Multiple blue stake requests were not being marked out for various utilities (specifically local phone and fiber), or, utilities were being “mis-marked”. In order to provide as much comprehensive utility data and information as possible, SUE Solutions designated (SUE Quality Level B) utilities above and beyond the scope of work and budget as contracted. Approximate horizontal locations and depths were provided to the design consultant for their information in completing the project design. Upon completion of the SUE activities, approximately 1,200 lineal feet of underground utilities were designated to Quality Level B standards and specifications for survey, and twenty-five (25) test holes were completed. The SUE activities were completed on time and under budget.