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SUE Solutions is currently supporting redevelopment efforts in East Liverpool, Ohio. This effort includes the preliminary evaluation of utility conditions and potential conflicts involving modified architectural features and site improvements.   We have provided utility information to support concept level digital before and after renderings. These renderings use CAD tools overlain with geographical features to provide a clear image of what the visual impacts of local development will be and how it will blend with local architectural features. Additionally, we have offered concept level estimating services involving utilities to assist in planning for downtown parking structures to accommodate phased growth in the downtown district. Located on the Ohio River, the City of East Liverpool aims to increase downtown attractions with hotel and theater space, as well as offering educational services with new technology and trade schools. Historically known as the Pottery Capital of the World, East Liverpool is now home to around 12,000 people. This initial effort will form the basis of economic development and redevelopment to spur investment and create business and growth centers for these respective communities. The primary focus of these efforts revolves around creating jobs, attracting development, and increasing tax revenue for cities and communities around the country.