Project Details

I-215; OH Sign Replacement, Salt Lake County


About This Project

Avenue Consultants contracted with SUE Solutions, Inc. contracted with UDOT Region Two and Avenue Consultants to perform SUE Quality Level C (“dipping” of existing storm drain features for sizing, material, inverts, and connectivity) and SUE Quality Level B (horizontal designating) Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) investigations for the I-215; OH Sign Replacement project, located in Salt Lake County, Utah. UDOT is replacing various overhead highway signing along I-215, and the SUE data as completed was used as a basis for determining the optimal locations for the new overhead highway signs. SUE Solutions utilized their electromagnetic locating equipment to trace utilities that were accessible and conductive in nature and material to general Quality Level B standards and specifications. Upon completion of the SUE activities, SUE Solutions located and gathered data for over 5,300 lineal feet of existing storm drain features (SUE QL-C) and designated over 2,000 lineal feet of underground utilities. SUE Solutions completed their activities ahead of schedule and 25% budget.