SUE Solutions | Logan City 100 North and 100 West Utility Location Services, Logan, Utah
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Logan City 100 North and 100 West Utility Location Services, Logan, Utah

About This Project

In 2016, the SUE Solution’s team successfully completed SUE Quality Levels A (test holes), Quality Level B (designating), and Quality Level C (survey & sewer and storm drain data collection) for this Logan City drainage improvement project located in Logan, Utah for Logan City. Logan City secured SUE Solution’s services to locate and map all public and private utilities in the intersections of 100 North and 100 West in Logan, Utah to facilitate the replacement and upsizing of a storm drain pipe running to the west along 100 North. Upon completion of the SUE activities, SUE Solutions designated approximately 1,890 lineal feet of existing underground utilities to Quality Level B specifications, located and mapped approximately 755 lineal feet of existing sewer and storm drain facilities (including the “dipping” of features for inverts, sizing, material, and connectivity), successfully completed seven (7) test holes (Quality Level A) gathering crucial utility data such as depth, size, and material, and surveyed all Quality Level B designations, Quality Level C features, and Quality Level A test holes. As part of the SUE Quality Level A restoration process and procedure, SUE Solutions placed flowable fill in each test hole and “plated” each hole until such time that the permanent patch could be placed. SUE Solutions coordinated their SUE efforts with Logan City to ensure that the SUE efforts exceeded the goals and needs of the project.  A comprehensive SUE report was produced as a deliverable which contained utility (QL-B) mapping, photographic documentation, sewer and storm drain data sheets, QL-B, QL-C, and QL-A survey data, Utility Owners existing mapping, and Test Hole Data Sheets.