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SUE Solutions and its staff successfully completed the utility investigations for this UDOT Region Two project located along SR-138 and I-80 in Tooele County, Utah. SUE Solutions contracted with the project’s design consultant and UDOT Region Two to provide subsurface utility engineering in the form of Quality Level D (existing utility owner mapping research), Quality Level B (designating), and Quality Level A (test holes). UDOT plans to construct a new connection to I-80 in the middle of the Tooele Valley. This new corridor, known as the Midvalley Highway, will provide a direct connection from SR-138 to I-80. SUE Solutions worked closely with the utility interests within the project area to ensure that their assets were accurately captured during the SUE investigations. One of the main utility interests within the project was UNEV Pipeline who owns a 12” API ‐5L grade X‐60 fusion bonded epoxy coated Liquid products pipeline, running all grades of gasoline and diesel. In addition, shortly after the completion of the initial SUE Quality Level B investigations, it was found that new fiber optics facility had been installed along I-80. SUE Solutions immediately dispatched its staff to designate the fiber optics to ensure it was captured and reflected within the Ex_Utility.dgn CAD file. SUE Solutions designated approximately 32,115 feet of existing underground utilities to Quality level B specifications and completed nineteen (19) test holes at critical locations within the project gathering crucial utility information that was vital to the project’s design. Utilities designated and located included gasoline and diesel, natural gas (HP), electrical, and fiber optics. SUE Solutions was able to complete the SUE investigations on time and on budget.