SUE Solutions | Protected Bike Lanes & Raised Median Bulldog Blvd, Provo, Utah
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Protected Bike Lanes & Raised Median Bulldog Blvd, Provo, Utah

About This Project

This project was a joint UDOT and Local Government (Provo City) project, where SUE Solutions and its staff successfully completed the utility investigations for the Protected Bike Lanes & Raised Median Bulldog Blvd, Provo, Utah. This project includes the reconstruction of Bulldog Blvd. with a raised center median as well as a raised buffer for a dedicated bicycle lane to minimize turning movement conflicts and increase bicycle safety. SUE Solutions Scope of Work included Quality Level D (utility owner and mapping research), Quality Level C (“dipping” of existing sewer and storm drain), Quality Level B (designating), and the survey and CAD related tasks associated to the SUE activities. Upon the completion of the Quality Level B investigations, SUE Solutions designated approximately 15,385 feet of existing underground utilities to Quality level B specifications and completed the gathering of data and information for approximately 6,945 feet of sewer and storm drain facilities (Quality Level C). In addition, SUE Solutions also mapped approximately 14,900 lineal feet of utilities to Quality Level D standards and specifications. Utilities designated included culinary water, natural gas, electrical, phone, fiber optics, CATV, traffic signals, sewer, and storm drain. SUE Solutions was able to complete the SUE investigations ahead of schedule and 17% under budget.