Project Details

Roundabout at 400 East 2200 North, North Logan


About This Project

SUE Solution’s team successfully completed the SUE activities for this Local Government and UDOT project located in North Logan City, Cache County, Utah. SUE Solutions activities consisted of SUE Quality Level D (mapping and utility owner research), Quality Level C (existing sewer and storm drain “dipping”, Quality Level B (designating; horizontal locating), and Quality Level A (test holes; vacuum excavation). SUE Solutions worked closely with the existing utility owners as well as the survey staff contracted to the project to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the mapping and locations of the existing underground utilities. Upon completion of the SUE activities, approximately 5,200 lineal feet of underground utilities were designated to Quality Level B standards and specifications, approximately 1,800 lineal feet of existing sewer and storm drain facilities were “dipped” for sizing, material, inverts, and connectivity, and five (5) test holes were successfully completed at critical locations essential to the project design. The SUE activities were completed ahead of schedule and under budget.