Project Details

SR-106; Main Street to 1700 South, Davis County


About This Project

SUE Solution’s team successfully completed the asphalt coring and SUE activities for this Local Government and UDOT project located in Davis County, Utah. As part of this roadway preservation project, UDOT contracted with SUE Solutions to conduct asphalt coring activities, as well as SUE Quality Level B and Quality Level A activities. As part of the asphalt coring activities, SUE Solutions completed twenty-one (21) asphalt cores, logging their locations, asphalt thickness, and general conditions throughout the 4.10-mile project area. SUE Solutions submitted the asphalt cores for evaluation of the existing roadway asphalt. In addition, SUE Solutions also completed approximately 6,200 lineal feet of Quality Level B designating at strategic locations throughout the project, and successfully completed eleven (11) test holes at critical roadway design locations. This project was completed under budget and ahead of schedule.