Project Details

SR-190 to NB I-215 (Knudsen's); Salt Lake County


About This Project

SUE Solution’s team successfully completed the SUE activities for this UDOT project located in Cottonwood Heights City, Salt Lake County, Utah. The project added a new bypass lane on westbound 6200 South to the I-215 northbound on-ramp. This upgrade to the roadway provides improved access and mobility for drivers in the area. As part of SUE Solutions scope of work, SUE Solutions provided SUE Quality Level D (mapping and research of existing utility owners), Quality Level B (designating; horizontal locating); and Quality Level A (test holes; vacuum excavation). SUE Solutions worked closely with the nineteen (19) existing utility owners found within the project limits to ensure that their assets were captured, located, and mapped. Upon completion, SUE Solutions mapped approximately 16,200 lineal feet of underground utilities to Quality Level D standards and specifications; designated approximately 17,120 lineal feet of underground utilities to Quality Level B standards and specifications; and successfully completed sixteen (16) test holes to Quality Level A standards and specifications. SUE Solutions completed the project ahead of schedule and under budget.