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Using its On-Call Contract with UDOT Region Two, SUE Solutions successfully provided utility investigations for this project located in Magna, Utah. SUE Solution’s Scope of Work included Quality Level D (utility owner and mapping research), Quality Level C (survey), Quality Level B (designating), and Quality Level A (test holes). This project along the North Frontage Road of SR-201, is to include culvert and storm drain improvements to address drainage and flooding issues along the frontage road. UDOT provided SUE Solutions with mapping containing previous SUE efforts that were completed for this project approximately two (2) years prior. As part of our Scope of Work, SUE Solutions also provided QC activities of the prior SUE data as provided, to ensure UDOT that the information pertaining to the project was current and accurate. Upon completion in 2017, SUE Solutions designated approximately 1,000 lineal feet of designating at various locations where the drainage improvements were to be made, successfully completed ten (10) test holes, and completed all survey and CAD activities pertaining to the SUE efforts. SUE Solutions completed the SUE tasks ahead of schedule and 5% under budget.