Project Details

SR-204; SR-26 TO 33RD ST & 23RD TO US-89, OGDEN, UTAH


About This Project

Using its On-Call Contract with UDOT Region One, SUE Solutions successfully provided utility investigations for this project located in Ogden, Utah. SUE Solutions Scope of Work included SUE Quality Level D (utility owner and mapping research), Quality Level C (survey; sewer & storm drain “dipping”), Quality Level B (designating), and Quality Level A (test holes). This project was a repaving, pedestrian ramp improvement, and drainage improvement project. Upon completion of the contracted SUE activities, in 2016, SUE Solutions designated approximately 9,400 lineal feet of underground utilities to Quality Level B standards and specifications and located and mapped approximately 625 lineal feet of existing storm drain facilities, “dipping” the features for inverts, sizing, material, and connectivity. Due to the Quality Level B information delivered, UDOT was able to determine that no test holes would be required. This resulted in an overall SUE cost savings of 53%. SUE Solutions identified 13 different utility owners within the project area consisting of culinary water, fiber optics, phone, CATV, electric, and natural gas, sewer, and storm drain. The final deliverable consisted of a comprehensive final SUE report which contained existing utility conditions and their limitations, photographs of designated utilities, existing utility owner mapping, and sewer and storm drain data sheets.