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SUE Solutions successfully completed the Quality Level A (test holes) activities for UDOT for this intersection safety improvements project located in Honeyville, Utah. The project consists of roadway reconstruction, intersection turn radius and lane modifications, and the installation of new curb and gutter. Due to UDOT’s need to have the information quickly, SUE Solutions coordinated the test hole activities with UDOT survey, CAD, and engineering personnel to ensure the timely and accurate accounting of the information obtained through the SUE activities. SUE Solutions completed the SUE efforts in April of 2014, and was able to locate the utilities ahead of schedule and under budget. Eleven (11) test holes gathering critical utility information central to the project’s design were completed. Utility coordination efforts with existing utility owners, and local utility locating contractors also took place to account for additional utility information which UDOT required. SUE Solutions located utilities which included culinary water, phone, fiber optics, and natural gas.   The final deliverable to the design consultant consisted of a comprehensive final SUE report which contained existing utility conditions and their limitations, and Test Hole Data Sheets containing photographs of the located utilities, depth, material, utility owner, and general soil conditions.