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SUE Solution’s team members successfully completed this extensive utility asset evaluation project which covered more than 69,000 feet (13 miles) of utility designating (Quality Level B), 92 potholes (Quality Level A) and customized mapping, meeting the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT’s) CAD standards. The project was successfully delivered on-time and within budget. Customized locating approaches were utilized to document private and public utilities throughout this corridor planned for road reconstruction and widening. This work was completed in the winter months and at night necessitating additional safety measures involving traffic control and worker accommodation. Final reporting included comprehensive maps and photographic documentation that was combined with the MicroStation Active Tag database feature thru the use of the customized Micro Utility Viewer ® software. This software allows for fingertip access of all utility data directly within the MicroStation Design Files. It also provides for one-touch access to all utility data including photos, field notes, owner correspondence, owner utility maps, and subsurface data. This innovative software feature received commendation for its ease of use and comprehensive packaging of the entire utility report.

This successful project received the following comment from the UDOT Project Manager, “delivered a quality product in a timely manner.”