SUE Solutions | SR-51; Springville 1600 S. Turn Lanes, Springville, Utah
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SR-51; Springville 1600 S. Turn Lanes, Springville, Utah

About This Project

The SUE Solution’s team successfully completed SUE Quality Levels A (test holes) and B (designating) for this intersection improvement project located in Springville, Utah for UDOT Region Three. This project included modifying the existing roadway by adding turn lanes and a traffic signal to provide better accessibility. Upon completion of the SUE activities, SUE Solutions designated approximately 5,000 lineal feet of existing underground utilities to Quality Level B specifications, and successfully completed seven test holes (Quality Level A), gathering crucial utility data such as depth, size, and material. SUE Solutions coordinated their SUE efforts with Springville City and existing utility owners to ensure that the existing utilities within the project limits were accounted for.  A comprehensive SUE report was produced as a deliverable which contained utility (QL-B) mapping, photographic documentation, informational data sheets for the sewer and storm drain systems, survey data, Utility Owners existing mapping, and Test Hole Data Sheets. SUE Solutions completed the SUE efforts ahead of schedule and 18% under budget.