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SUE Solutions successfully completed the utility investigations for the US-40; Daniels Canyon Shoulder Repair project located in Wasatch County, Utah, for UDOT Region Three. The SUE investigations included Quality Level D (Utility Owner identification and mapping research), Quality Level B (designating & CAD), and Quality Level A (test holes & CAD). The project, located on US-40 through Daniels Canyon from the mouth of the canyon to McGuire Hollow (MP 23 to MP 32), included widening the shoulder in the canyon and providing safety improvements. At the completion of the SUE investigations, approximately 21,300 feet of existing underground utilities were designated and processed into CAD to Quality Level B standards and specifications, and twenty (20) test holes were completed and processed into CAD to Quality Level A standards and specifications. Utility coordination efforts with existing utility owners also took place to ensure the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the utilities designated. SUE Solutions completed the SUE activities ahead of schedule and 14% under budget. The final deliverable to the design consultant consisted of a comprehensive final SUE report which contained existing utility conditions and their limitations, photographs of designated utilities, existing utility owner mapping, test hole data sheets, and digital project files (CAD).