Project Details

US-89; 11400 SOUTH TO 10600 SOUTH, SANDY, UTAH


About This Project

SUE Solutions contracted with UDOT Region Two and Meridian Engineering to conduct Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) services for the project of US-89; 11400 South to 10600 South, located in Sandy, Utah. SUE Solutions Scope of Work included Quality Level D (utility owner and mapping research), Quality Level B (designating), and Quality Level A (test holes). The purpose of this project is to address current congestion and safety concerns as well as improving the intersections from 11400 South to 10600 South, installing sections of new sidewalk, curb and gutter, and widening the roadway to six lanes between 11400 South and 10600 South. SUE Solutions worked closely with Whitaker Construction who was installing a new 8” gas line along State St throughout the project area at the time of the Quality Level B investigations. In addition, SUE Solutions also worked closely with Meridian Engineering to accurately survey the utility designations and test holes as completed by SUE Solutions. Upon completion of the contracted SUE activities, SUE Solutions designated approximately 56,600 lineal feet of underground utilities to Quality Level B standards and specifications, and successfully completed 61 test holes to Quality Level A standards and specifications. Additionally, SUE Solutions also mapped approximately 52,000 lineal feet of utilities to Quality Level D standards. SUE Solutions completed the SUE activities on time and within budget. SUE Solutions worked closely with the 15 different utility owners within the project area consisting of culinary water, fiber optics (7 different owners), phone, CATV, electric, and natural gas (IHP and HP). The final deliverable to UDOT and design consultant consisted of a comprehensive final SUE report which contained existing utility conditions and their limitations, photographs of designated utilities, existing utility owner mapping, and test hole data sheets.