Project Details

US-89; Garden City Escape Truck Ramp


About This Project

SUE Solution’s team successfully completed the SUE activities by responding quickly using its On-Call Contract with UDOT Region One. UDOT is constructing a Truck Escape Ramp on the downgrade section of US-89 in Logan Canyon. This project is a high priority for UDOT after four semi-trucks lost control of their brakes in the canyon and crashed near the intersection at Raspberry Square. The truck escape ramp is to be installed approximately one mile west of that intersection and will use an innovative design with a concrete chute to guide the runaway trucks into the right position where cable restraints will then be used to stop the trucks. The ramp is only one of the measures put in place to improve the safety for trucks travelling through the corridor. Other improvements include a mandatory break check area near the top of the grade, signage and markings explaining details of corridor such as length and grade, and advances notice signs detailing distance to the upcoming truck ramp. Upon completion of the SUE activities, SUE Solutions designated over 6,800 lineal feet of underground utilities. The SUE activities and deliverable were completed ahead of schedule and under budget.