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SUE Solutions and its staff successfully completed the utility investigations for the US-91/SR-252 Intersection Improvements project located in Logan, Utah. SUE Solutions contracted with the project’s design consultant and UDOT Region One to provide subsurface utility engineering in the form of Quality Level D (existing utility owner mapping research), Quality Level C (sewer and storm drain data collection), Quality Level B (designating), and Quality Level A (test holes). UDOT will be placing a traffic signal at the intersection of 1000 West, and US-89/91. This work will include creating a four-way intersection and placing a traffic signal at the intersection of 1000 West, and US-89/91, closing 1200 West on the south side of the highway, and widening US-89/91 to accommodate a new turn lane. The intent of this project is to improve safety for those turning left onto SR 252 (1000 West) as well as help traffic flow in this area. SUE Solutions worked closely with the survey consultant to accurately capture the Quality Level B designations. Upon completion of the Quality Level B investigations, SUE Solutions designated approximately 16,000 feet of existing underground utilities to Quality level B specifications and completed the gathering of data and information for approximately 3,815 feet of sewer and storm drain facilities (Quality Level C). In addition, SUE Solutions also completed seven (7) test holes at critical locations within the project gathering crucial utility information, vital to the project’s design. Utilities designated and located included culinary water, natural gas (IHP and HP), electrical, phone, fiber optics, and CATV. SUE Solutions was able to complete the SUE investigations ahead of schedule and 14% under budget.